Demo Day 2017

Evening keynote address:
Geoff von Maltzahn, Flagship

Investor conference keynote address:
Hank Webber, Cortex

April 28, 2017 | 6 - 9 pm

CIC @4240

4240 Duncan Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63110


Help train the next generation of student entrepreneurs and inspire the innovation of cutting edge medical technology. Sling HealthTM (formerly known as IDEA Labs) will give you an opportunity to get exposure to the country’s top innovative talent from Washington University in St. Louis, Harvard, MIT, U. Pennsylvania, U. Michigan, Tulane and LSU, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory.

Any funding above the cost of the event goes into funding new chapter grants, teams, training, and Sling Health operations. As a predominantly student-run organization, we squeeze every dollar to make big things possible for our teams on a small budget.


Based upon the amount donated, you will be given varying privileges, as outlined in the sponsorship package. These include becoming named sponsor of Demo Day and giving opening remarks, judging companies, a booth for publicity and recruitment, advertising space, and much more. Please click here to access the full sponsorship package.

We look forward to your involvement in Sling Health. Please contact Maja Niksic, Sling Health VP of Sponsor Development, to get involved.


2016 Gold Sponsors:

2016 Silver Sponsors:

2016 Bronze Sponsors:


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